Kool Kidz Preston Kindergarten Update

Kool Kidz Preston Kindergarten Update

Dear families,

This week the Kindergarten children engaged in many different experiences. We started the week by talking about feelings and then followed up by reading related books and continued our discussions about the importance of considering each other’s feelings.

We also engaged in a weaving experience and from these experiences children develop their fine motor skills, eye hand coordination and this also helps increase focus and attention span, promotes left right coordination, reinforces following directions as well as  offering relaxation.

The children have been practising to write their names, reading two letter words and we have been using the phonics flipper 1 to help children with their letter recognition, complete sight words and learn to read short words.

We also had time to revisit shapes and then the children were asked to draw and cut their own shapes which helps develop their cutting skills.  We introduced the use of rulers and the children really enjoyed drawing lines and shapes and then taking measurements at our preschool.  We had a good week!



Kinder team.