Kool Kidz Preston Introduces Outdoor Sleeping

Kool Kidz Preston Introduces Outdoor Sleeping

Kool Kidz Preston has some really exciting news in relation to our wonderful Beetlebugs Room, which caters for 12mths – 2yr olds. We have embarked on a great innovation of “outdoor sleeping”, for children whose parents are accepting of the idea (which many are).

At Kool Kidz Preston, our program encompasses a holistic approach to the development of our children by implementing experiences that focus on the complete well-being of our group.

This focus takes into consideration all aspects of the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of each child.  With this in mind, and based on a recent article that was published on the benefits of outdoor sleeping, we have now embedded this practice within our program, for any family that would like to participate.

The benefits outlined are:

  • Exposure to fresh air improves sleep quality and increases oxygen intake
  • Improved immunity to fend off coughs and colds
  • Relaxation

Below is a variety of photos of our wonderful children outside blissfully sleeping while enjoying the wonderful outdoor conditions. The children have really enjoyed their experiences with outdoor sleeping.


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