It’s all happening in Kinder at Kool Kidz Preston

It's all happening in Kinder at Kool Kidz Preston

Many children have displayed an ongoing interest in promoting their physical well-being. We planned to engage in running races and they also liked climbing up the spider web and observing who was climbing up higher than everybody else.

Lorenso also organised a soccer game for the children who played in two teams as represented by the different colour bibs they wore.  They were all very excited and took great delight in kicking the ball from end to end of the garden.  They also participated in some ball skills which made them giggle with excitement.

The Kinder children were very happy when they noticed ripe tomatoes in the garden. They happily picked all the ripe ones and asked the chef to add them to our afternoon tea that we enjoyed later in the day. The Kinder children also get involved in our sustainability policy by feeding the worms with scraps that they had collected from the kitchen. The children showed how they were connected to their world by looking after their environment.


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