Fun and education in Kindergarten at Kool Kidz Preston!

KindergartenMost children especially Eli, Rakan and Solaf have shown an interest in promoting their wellbeing. Children have enjoyed long and high jumps in the sand pit and they have been repeatedly asking the educators if they could engage in high and long jumps. Due to weather conditions this week we engaged in an indoor game. We all enjoyed playing tennis, there was a lot of happiness as we competed against each other.

Kinder-YogaChildren have been enjoying yoga sessions. It is important for children to rest their bodies, minds and souls. Yoga engages the heart, mind and body through its exclusive combination of physical yoga, social skills games and therapy techniques. It helps children develop emotional intelligence, communication skills, trust and empathy. It cultivates teamwork and leadership. It provides for a calmer and more productive learning environment.


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