Cultural Diversity Week at Kool Kidz Preston

Cultural Diversity Week at Kool Kidz Preston

Cultural Diversity Week is Victoria’s largest multicultural celebration, held annually in March to coincide with the United Nations Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and Harmony Day on 21 March.

Since the traditional owners first inhabited the land, Victoria’s cultural diversity has continued to evolve and shape our identity.

At Kool Kidz Preston Preschool, educators and families come from many different cultural backgrounds. It is only by understanding our similarities that we discover the humanity we share, and the story of inclusion begins to unfold.

The children explored lots of different aspects of multiculturalism this week through music, dance, traditional dress, art/craft activities and books.

On this journey, they learned that people we think are not ‘like us’ – are actually just people, like us


Outcome 2.2 Children respond to diversity with respect

This is evident when:

Children explore and celebrate diverse cultures, understandings and new opportunities to learn about alternative ways of living.

–  Children recognize and celebrate the similarities and differences between themselves and others

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