Caterpillars built a Castle & Art Expression in the Honeybees Room

Caterpillars built a Castle!

On Thursday the Caterpillars children decided they would like to build a Castle. It began with one child’s idea and grew into so much more. Together the group stacked, positioned, repositioned and balanced the big blocks. The shape of the Castle changed regularly as it reflected the transformation of the group’s vision. The children negotiated and shared the space with respect for themselves and others. They expressed their ideas and came together as a group with a common purpose, displaying this through the castle and the role play that came along with it.

Art expression in the Honey Bees Room!

Painting with balloons in the Honeybees room

One of the educators, Tatijana set up an experience in the Honey Bees Room using balloons as brushes to dip into pain. Beau, Isaac, Harrison and Laurie all grasped the concept of putting the balloon into the paint and then spreading the paint from the balloon onto the paper. The children showed their delight while engaging in the activity through verbal and non-verbal language. Maeve who also participated lost interest in using the balloon so used her sensory skills to finger paint instead. We didn’t write learning stories on all these children doing the activity as it was a spontaneous activity.


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