Art Expression In the Honey Bees Room

This week the Honey Bees have taken a great interest in art.

We started off by setting up a sensory art experience by putting out sand, flour and glitter for the children to paint with. The children were very curious as they looked at all the different items. Some of the children started to touch the items and were very excited about what they were feeling. We could tell that some children were a little unsure by the way they were frowning but they too eventually got excited when they started pasting the items on to the paper.  It was an enjoyable activity for all involved.

Honey Bees also celebrated the Olympics by doing Olympic ring paintings. The children used toilet paper rolls to stamp onto the paper with the Olympic colours of black, blue, red, green and yellow.  It was very exciting seeing the children use their use their fine and gross motor skills.  What a fun time was we had in the Honey Bees room this week!


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