A Week in the Kinder Room

A Week in the Kinder Room

This week the children enjoyed constructing a zoo with farm animals. They displayed their creative thinking by using different resources available to them and also provided food for the animals. A lot of conversations could be heard amongst the children sharing their past experiences at the zoo and identifying the animals they remembered seeing.

As part of our intentional teaching, we helped children to identify letters and numbers. Some children have been interested in writing numbers so we have been encouraging them to practice writing their names.

We have also talked about respecting each other and focused on keeping our hands to ourselves and listening to others. We have started to delegate jobs to children to help them develop a sense of responsibility. Children are excited to take part in these duties, for example, we have the voice controlling officer, water bottles officer, lining up officer, lockers officer and many other little duties.

Children engaged in different cutting experiences. This week we are learning to tell time so we have watched videos and the children had the opportunity to make their own clocks.

We also talked about the importance of drinking water and listened to a song about drinking tap water. Children were so excited to listen to the song and repeatedly asked for it. They were given water bottles that were provided by Yarra Valley Water to highlight the importance of drinking water.

We also had a surprise visit from the clown which we all enjoyed. The children are always engaged in this experience and show great interest in being part of a group. They share humour and happiness, demonstrate trust and confidence as well as a connection to others.


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