Kool Kidz Preston Kindergartners busy learning new skills!

Kool Kidz Preston Kindergartners busy learning new skills!


For the past two weeks we have been learning about keeping ourselves healthy. Our primary focus has been on personal hygiene including:  remembering to flush the toilet after use, proper wiping, hand washing, covering our mouths when coughing and oral hygiene.

Children have shown an ongoing interest in writing letters to their loved ones.  We have supported children in this learning to help them develop their pre-literacy skills, letter recognition, reading short words and learning about other forms of communication. We have extended the interest of letter recognition with the use of flash cards and magnetic letters. We have also supported children to write their names thus developing their writing skills.

Responding to children`s interest in doctors and nurses a doctor’s corner was set up in the Kinder room. Children have been provided with pencils and paper and other hospital equipment for them to explore further.  It has been interesting to observe children implementing their prior knowledge and experience and transferring this knowledge from one context to another.

Different cutting experiences were set up to help children further develop their cutting skills and this learning was extended by engaging in collage experiences and telling a story about their collage pieces. We will continue to help children with their cutting skills by providing different textured material.

We have been learning the days of the week and practicing this through a song.  Children are becoming familiar with the song and slowly remembering the days of the week. We are also slowly learning the months of the year as well.

Regards from the Kinder Team