About us

Providing more than just care for kids...

Kool Kidz Childcare services are privately owned and family run with the Approved Provider working on the premises ensuring all our families receive care for kids with excellent service and a personal touch. Kool Kidz Approved Providers have invested their own financial resources and time into their own business so they are extremely motivated to succeed.

Kool Kidz Central Support provides training, proven best industry practices and procedures, ongoing support and mentoring for Approved Providers. This will guarantee that all Kool Kidz services are always operating as high quality services, ensuring families are receiving the absolute best for their children at all times.

Quality beyond industry standards

Kool Kidz services are state of the art purpose built facilities promoting a safe, fun and exciting environment filled with educational opportunities for children aged 8 weeks to kindergarten.
Kool Kidz Approved Providers and educators are carefully selected based on their experience, passion, dedication and commitment to providing excellence in caring for your children, through quality interactions, honest communication, delivering high quality educational programs and at all times be a positive role model to your child.

Kool Kidz educators are supported by Central Support by being kept up to date with the latest industry trends, encouraged and supported to seek higher qualifications and attend regular workshops and professional development opportunities. We are confident our educators can deliver excellent standards in all areas, with our Approved Providers providing the personal touch regardless of the number of days your child attends Kool Kidz.

Outstanding Kindergarten Programs

Kool Kidz offers high quality Kindergarten Programs which are fully registered and funded and run by a qualified kindergarten teacher. The goal of our Kindergarten Program is to prepare children for the primary school environment through our Kool Beginnings Curriculum which has a primary focus on literacy and numeracy, positive encouragement of individual social and emotional abilities and the implementation of school readiness strategies. With the Kool Beginnings Curriculum, we offer more than just day care for kids; we offer children a fantastic opportunity to really explore many different themes, topics, with incursions and subject matter that help to build important foundations for your child's future.