Early Learning Programs

early learning program

The Kool Beginnings Curriculum supports our educators to implement the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) which was developed by industry professionals through government initiatives. The EYLF provides solid theory, principles and strategies for how children best learn and develop.

Kool Beginnings Curriculum gives all children the time to learn through play in a loving, friendly and fun environment. Children are given the attention they deserve, have all their needs catered for, are treated with respect, given space to learn and develop, always presented with new learning spaces and of course the opportunity to make magic happen each day.

The Kool Beginnings Curriculum Learning Blocks cover the following developmental areas:

Numbers relate to the development of numeracy skills and mathematical concepts. Teaching numeracy is a vital component in early learning, as children learn best when engaged in meaningful play experiences which will ensure success in their later years. Children will be engaged and challenged with patterns, counting, sorting and shapes.

This relates to communication, literacy, language, reading and writing skills. We read a vast variety of books with children in both one on one and group settings to develop a love for letters and words. We also provide dramatic play areas to promote role playing, as it is an important form in teaching children communication and language skills. Many forms of print are also provided in order to reinforce how words look and are used.

Many concepts can be taught through music such as soft/loud, slow/fast and low/high just to name a few. A basic understanding of these concepts is needed to help young children grasp a wide range of future learning opportunities.

We provide freshly cooked meals daily, offering a balanced nutritional diet for all children. Many discussions occur throughout the day on how their bodies function and require healthy food to grow big and strong. Active areas of play are also important for the children, these active play areas could include, gross motor skills, spatial sense, skipping and balancing skills.

We provide natural learning environments, embedding sustainability. We encourage and engage the children in extended conversations that support their own understanding of the world and the environments around them. We provide many natural elements aimed to assist children to understand the natural world they live in
and the care that it requires.

A large part of our program centres around developing strong social and emotional children. We are always encouraging positive relationships with teachers and friends, supporting emerging communication methods so children are able to express themselves appropriately.

Kidz Lab relates to scientific discovery and experimentation. The provision of engaging learning spaces that promote self discovery and experimentation can assist children in making discoveries for themselves about the world they live in. Providing interesting play spaces for children can help to foster a love a of science which will continue into later years.

Much of our learning occurs through our five senses. We provide opportunities for children to explore their senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and sound.

The provision of art materials for free expression is important as it allows the children to explore and creatively express themselves. By providing children with a variety of drawing equipment and encouragement we are improving finger strength and pencil grips. Both skills are needed to enable children to learn to write.

We supply a wide range of both man-made and natural equipment for children to construct with, such as building towers, castles and whatever else comes to mind, which leads to an understanding of math concepts, social interactions and problem solving skills.

To ensure the development of healthy imaginations we provide many opportunities for children to dress up and role play. A healthy imagination encourages children to ask many questions, which leads to furthering their learning and strengthening of their own identity.

Alongside the EYLF, the Kool Beginnings Curriculum© integrates special visits from Kool Kidz family members, our local community, specialized topical incursions and extracurricular activities to further enhance learning opportunities.