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The Room Configurations

Snugglepots16 Children

(8 weeks – 18 months)

Honeybees16 Children

(18 – 24 months)

Beetlebugs16 Children

(2 – 3 years)

Jitterbugs16 Children

(2 – 3 years)

Caterpillars22 Children

(3 year old Kindergarten)

Butterflies22 Children

(3 & 4 year old Kindergarten)

Kindergarden22 Children

(4 year old Funded Kindergarten)

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The team at Kool Kidz Mill Park believe the early stages of childhood is a time when children of all ages come together to play and learn and experience a true sense of belonging. A time in their childhood where play is fun and is considered to be a child’s way of learning and making sense of their world.

Bianca Collard

My 4-year-old twins go to Kool Kidz in Mill Park and they absolutely love it! I have seen a huge transformation in my children since attending Kool Kidz. My son was shy and wouldn’t play with anyone – and now he is more confident and has made so many wonderful and beautiful friends. It also allows my daughter to be the social butterfly that she is. The staff are wonderful and understanding and compassionate. I have never attended a child care centre like this before. This centre feels like home to my children. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for them.

Erin Kiernan

My daughter attends the Kinder program and was in three-year-old room last year. I am so happy with the care they provide, the centre is always nice and clean and my daughter always comes home with lots of stories about her day and how yum her lunch was. Her favourite thing to do at Kool Kidz is the weekly sports program!

Stacie Robinson

We loved Kool Kids Mill Park! We were very sad when we had to move to QLD and take our daughter out of the centre. The staff were always so warm and patient. I never felt what worried about leaving her at care and she was always happy when I picked her up. It’s been hard finding a centre that compares!

Stephanie Hal

My 2 kids both go to Kool Kids and I can’t recommend Kool Kids enough. My kids ask to go on weekends that’s how much they love it here. They have learnt so much within a short time of being there which says a lot about the fantastic teachers and the owner Nicole. You can see the hard work and dedication Nicole has put into this centre, the fantastic incursions and learning recourses are amazing. Having that comfortable relief knowing that your kids are in good hands every day is great. If I could give you guys 10 stars I would! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Rhianna Anderson

A great centre with clean and spacious rooms. Wonderful educators and staff. The learning programs are fantastic. The food menus are healthy with a lot of variety. I highly recommend this childcare centre!

Michelle Patsikatheodorou

Amazing childcare centre and it’s definitely Kool for Kidz. My daughter enjoys all the fun activities they do & loves going and seeing all the childcare workers and is very Happy to play with all her friends. I have watched her grow & develop in so many ways. Thanks to the team at Kool Kidz for helping our child grow & learn new things every day. Awesome team keep up the amazing work 🙂

Dashing Fay

My son loves being at Kool Kidz Mill Park. I often find he doesn’t want to go home and needs to cuddle his teachers before he leaves. All staff are qualified educators and are really lovely and friendly. So not only is this place a family and friendly environment, I can be relaxed knowing that my son’s skills are progressing well in preparation for school. Kool kids mill park is also a wonderful purpose-built facility with delicious chef made meals. Wish I had their chef making my lunch 😁 I’d recommend this daycare facility to anyone, we really love it here.

Natalie Geary

Both my boys attend Kool Kidz. Their transition has been seamless. The staff are very nurturing and professional. The manager Nicole is very approachable and willing to help at anytime. My boys adore the staff and have lots of fun engaging in all the activities. Highly recommend Kool Kidz Mill Park.

Voula Theodorakopoulos

I have both my kids at Kool Kidz Mill Park and can’t speak highly enough of the centre! Both my kids started at 4 months and have loved it from day one. The educators in each room are amazing, and each day there is a delicious menu provided! The director, Nicole is always a pleasure to talk to and is very prompt on acting on any concerns I have raised.

Kayla Robinson

I had to put my daughter into childcare at 5 months old which was a tough decision but Kool Kidz Mill Park made it so easy. The staff are fantastic, very accommodating to your child’s needs, happy to follow your individual sleep/feeding schedule and adapt as your child grows. My daughter is now 2 and absolutely loves going to childcare, I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend it.

Lauren Spencer

Late last year I withdrew my 3-year-old son from Kool Kidz and enrolled him into a kinder closer to home. This was done with a very heavy heart as he had made friends and had a great bond with his educators. After having had him in this new kinder for 4 weeks I have now taken him out and put him back into Kool Kidz Mill Park because they are organised and the staff are above amazing – if any issues do come up Nicole follows up immediately. I am more than happy to Make the trip to Mill Park and then go to work in Craigieburn. Keep up the great work Kool Kidz Mill Park!

Hope Williams

This centre is amazing. My son was previously at another centre and we had nothing but issues. Since being at Kool Kidz he’s much happier. He’s still unsettled at drop offs but the girls are great at helping him settle in and start playing.

Jessica Kuhl

F friendly A amazing N nurturing T tremendous A attentive S sensational T thoughtful I immaculate C compassionate!

My family loves Kool Kidz, from the warm and friendly staff who greet me with a smile even if they don’t know me, to the amazing fresh food cooked by Liam (my son eats better than me), the staff listen and engage in your childs needs to help them transition with day to day achievements, the fun activities for the children, the modern amenities, the endless trust i have leaving my son with the beautiful staff at Kool Kidz, my son can’t run into daycare quick enough which speaks volumes of how happy he is. Thanks Kool Kidz Mill Park, you make my family happy to be a part of the Kool Kidz experience

Phoebe Patsikatheodorou

My son started at Kool Kids pretty much when it opened. He loves the educators which made me so relieved to know he was in good hands when he was there. He really enjoys the activities they do. I really like the fact they do sport and do special events. Make you feel part of the Kool Kid Mill Park family.

Katie Cleghorn

We’ve been coming to Kool Kidz for almost 2 years now, and I can’t fault them at all! The team is unbelievable! My son has developed so much over this time with thanks to the help of these great educators. They seriously do a wonderful job with our children and ensure they keep you updated about your child’s development. I love how it doesn’t matter who you see whether they are in your child’s room or not they are able to tell you something about their day. Can not recommend this place enough

Hayley Annear

Kool Kidz is Awesome! We are so lucky that we had a chance to enrol our daughter here. Being new to Melbourne last year, with not much support, I was afraid how my daughter is gonna cope up to the new culture and language. Nicole and her team helped and supported my daughter in all her struggles to make her feel secure and comfortable. In just a few months, she settled in so well. I was so touched with their efforts to talk to her in our mother tongue to help her feel at home. They encourage children with both indoor and outdoor activities, letting them choose what they want to do. They give equal importance to their literacy, numeracy and overall gross motor skills. Children are encouraged to be independent with instructions. The instructors are very kind and are always happy to update their activities and development. They support children of all cultures, from different parts of the world. They come with new and exciting events now and then. They introduce the children to various activities to give them a chance to explore their interests. There’s a sports program on Monday and music program on Friday. And my daughter says that the food is amazing. Overall, we are very happy that our child is in good hands in a safe and secure environment. I highly recommend them.

Zamina Sarosh

Great centre, great programs and my son loves the sports program every week.

Grant Llewellyn

What an amazing service. Our children absolutely love the staff and the program that Kool Kidz runs. Their favourite thing to do is go on the regular excursions, especially to the local fruit and veg shop. I love that Kool Kidz allows my child to make their own choices when it comes to where they want to play and what they want to play with, whether it be indoors or outdoors regardless of the weather (after all we live in Melbourne where we do have 4 seasons in the one day!). Such great bonds the educators have developed and worked hard to create with our children right through to reception where the owner and admin staff always greet our entire family by our first names.

Sandra May

My son loves KoolKidz! The teachers are amazing, and very child focused.

Christy Tarasova

Well, my daughter spent a great time at kool kids and it’s the only centre that I really recommend to picky mums like myself. Hey Cathy, you and your team are doing a great job. Keep up with it and even get better. 🙂

Maryam Moazami

I just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for helping the kids settle in so beautifully. Miriam was so happy and excited this morning because she was going to Kool Kids. It makes a world of difference to my day knowing they are happy and loved there.


October 25, 2016

Also, its a good opportunity to let you know that I am very happy with centre and the care Alexander is receiving so far.  The staff are all very friendly and polite.  I’m very happy that I moved Alex to Kool Kidz.  I also recommended you guys to one of my friends, she came in for orientation and really liked the centre and I think she will be enrolling her son in the new year.  Thanks for everything!


October 27, 2016

The staff taking care of Mason have been amazing! We’re very happy with our choice of Kool Kidz!


October 26, 2016

I just wanted to share some positive news of the new Kool Kidz Childcare centre in Mill Park. My 2 and a half year old son has been in another child care since he was 8 months old and has never been happy. I moved him to Kool Kidz this year and now he races me in the door! The staff ask me every morning how his evening was. I was never ever asked in his last centre. I have been in the industry for nearly 20 years so I have high expectations.

This morning when I walked out of the door I watched the educator Melinda ask my son if he would like to follow her to the other room. Melinda was very quietly spoken and calm and engaged him at his eye level and reached out her hand for my son to take if he wished. My son did not want to go just then so Melinda let him play where he was until he was ready. It was so lovely to see the professionalism of respecting children’s choices and making them feel comfortable and that their voice matters.

So if your looking for a child care centre check out Kool Kidz Mill Park- I highly recommend it.

Belinda Ferraro

April 21, 2016


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