Henny Penny Chicken Hatching!

Henny Penny Chicken Hatching!

On Monday 13th November, the kinder room received their Henny Penny Chicken Hatching Program, which comes with chicken eggs in an incubator for the children to watch hatch.

Throughout the week, the Caterpillar children have gone to visit the chicks in the kinder room. We walked up the stairs in small groups and got to see the eggs in their incubator and the already hatched chicks in their cage. We watched the chicks running around in the cage and discussed their colours (black and yellow) and how many there were (counting).

On Monday 20th November, Anna brought two chicks down to the Caterpillar room for the children to see. The children took turns patting the chicks gently. We spoke about what the chicks eat, their colour, their wings and how they felt. We then sat in a circle and let the chicks walk around. The children showed great interest in seeing the chicks as they watched and listened to their educators. Everyone was very gentle and enjoyed feeling their soft feathers.

Throughout that week, Anna and Samantha, have been bringing one or two chicks down to the Caterpillar room daily for the children to interact with. We continued to discuss their colours and how the chicks felt. As the children got more comfortable around the chicks, we took turns holding the chicks and having them in our laps. It was fantastic to see the children show such great interest and curiosity in the chicks, be very gentle with them, and gain enough confidence in order to be comfortable enough to hold and have the chicks in their lap. Well done Caterpillars!


KBC: My World and the Environment

Outcome: 2 Community

Fire Fighter Aaron Visits Kool Kidz Mill Park

Fire Fighter Aaron Visits Kool Kidz Mill Park

At Kool Kidz Mill Park keeping our children safe is an important part of being an Educator which is why we had Fire Fighter Aaron visit us to share with the children the dangers of fire and how to respond.  When Aaron visited the kinder room, the butterfly children were very excited to join and participate. The children learnt about equipment and become familiar with what Fire Fighters wear and what they do. The children were even asked to count to 10 to see if Aaron can put his Fire Fighter suit on in time- Phew, lucky he did!

They were all prepared to block their ears as they also learnt about smoke detectors, their purpose and the sound it makes if it sensed smoke.

There was plenty of excitement in the room when the children participating in the ‘crawl low under smoke’ as they all had a turn crawling under the ‘get down low’ orange parachute.                                         The children later participated in a colour, cut and match activity sheet and then proceeded outside to see Aarons white fire vehicle and to hear its siren go off.

This experience was a great way to show our young curious children the basic concepts of fire prevention and fire safety such as crawl when you see smoke, stop drop and roll and stay away from items that can cause fire.

Learning Outcomes:    

Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity

1.1 Children feel safe, secure, and supported

Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world

2.1 Children develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities and an understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active community participation

Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners

4.3  Children transfer and adapt what they have learned from one context to another

Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators


5.1 Children interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes


KBC: The World & The Environment, Let’s Pretend, My Five Sense

Literacy and Numeracy Week

Literacy and Numeracy Week

During National Literacy and Numeracy week, the children in the Caterpillars room engaged in a number of activities including commencing their Buddy Program with the Butterflies children.


The Caterpillars children partnered up with the children in the Butterflies room with a focus of the program on the older children reading/singing and engaging in activities with the Caterpillars children. This program happens each week and provides the children with the opportunity to explore literacy and numeracy with links to creative, fun and stimulating activities in another room.


Activities that the children engaged in and have continued include:

  • Weekly singing and reading with the Butterflies children as part of the buddy program.
  • Counting in 6 different languages including English, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, and Russian.
  • Engaging children in discussions about symbol systems, for example, letters, numbers, time, money and musical notations.
  • Creating stories with children using artistic methods such as painting, drawing, and using songs including the frog song in Japanese titled Kaeru no Uta.
  • Reading and sharing a range of books with the children.


Numeracy and Literacy week

29th August- 4th September

Quad Pram Adventure for Kool Kidz Mill Park!

Quad Pram Adventure for Kool Kidz Mill Park!

On Wednesday 4th October 2017, some of the Snugglepots children went on their first excursion in our new quad prams.


Our educators, Kylie, Jacki, Jodie and Stacie went with the children to Woolworths to buy the ingredients to make muffins in the afternoon with the rest of their friends. We went with a shopping list which consisted of strawberries, blueberries, baking powder, vanilla essence and some birthday candles.


This was our maiden voyage in the quad prams. The children loved waving to the public as we walked through the shops. A couple of the children pointed out the big trucks that drove past us. The children looked very relaxed sitting in the prams.


Once we returned from our excursion to the centre, the children had lunch with their friends and some had a sleep. Once they were all awake from their afternoon naps, we made our muffins. With the help of our awesome cook Liam, we made strawberry and blueberry muffins. The children sat in the high chairs and around the table and all had a turn of mixing the batter and then mixing the strawberries and blueberries. Some of the children then helped put the patty pans into the tins. Once they were cooked, we got to enjoy the muffins with afternoon tea.


We all enjoyed getting out on our first excursion.  Stay tuned for more excursions to come in the Snugglepots room.



Links to the Early Years Frameworks:

Children Have a Strong Sense of Identity

1.1 Children feel safe, secure and supported

Children Are Connected With and Contribute To Their World

2.1 Children develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities and an understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active community participation

Children Are Effective Communicators

5.1 Children interact verbally & non-verbally with others for a range of purposes

Learn about our Kindergarten Teacher Michelle Watt’s and her teaching philosophy!

Learn about our Kindergarten Teacher Michelle Watt's and her teaching philosophy!


My name is Michelle Watt, I am the Kindergarten teacher at Kool Kidz Mill Park. I have been teaching Kinder for the last three years, previous to this I have worked in agricultural research, electrical wholesale industry and owned a printing business. On a personal note I am the proud mother of two active teenage boys.


As for my personal philosophy; I believe that all children are capable learners, who learn through playing in a social environment, with many open-ended experiences. I believe that the children need to feel a sense of belong and will learn best in that environment. To achieve a sense of belonging I will work closely with the child and their families to gain an insight into the child’s culture, beliefs and their interests. I will incorporate activities which are familiar to them into the program to make them feel more secure.


As an educator I will provide the structures and support that each child needs to develop physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially. I believe that play-based learning is imperative and I will encourage the children to work together in a collaborative partnership to solve any challenges they face. I will also provide support in the form of scaffolding to assist children in their learning. The educational environment that I intend to provide will be calm and spacious, with a wide variety of open-ended challenging activities which follow the children’s interests. Outside I believe that children should have access to dirt, mud, sand and water to learn about the natural environment.


Families and people who are significant to the child are always welcome; they are the child’s first educators and know their child interests, needs and abilities. I intend to build trusting relationship with all families and will strongly encourage their participation in daily activities.


As an educator I am aware that my learning is never complete, I will always be learning about children and how to teach them effectively. To reflect on my own learning journey I will observe and communicate with the children; recording and reflecting on their interests and knowledge, as well as my own thoughts in my reflective journal. Through analysing these records I will detect gaps in my knowledge and practices and I will be able to build upon them by seeking out courses or assistance from colleagues.

Thingle Toodle and Professor E. Spearmint Teach Road Safety at Kool Kidz Mill Park

Thingle Toodle and Professor E. Spearmint Teach Road Safety at Kool Kidz Mill Park

Recently the Kindergarten children were visited by 2 special visitors, Professor E. Spearmint and Tingle Toodle. Together with Professor E. Spearmint they shared with the children some key road safety education concepts such as holding hands with an adult before crossing the road, Stop! Look! Listen! Think! before crossing the road and the importance of using car seats or boosters correctly.

Professor E. Spearmint explained to the children that Thingle Toodle was coming to kinder to celebrate his 4th birthday, but he was having trouble remembering how to safely cross the road.

The children laughed and giggled as Professor E. Spearmint taught them how to cross the road by touching elbows and knees, before he remembered that it is always best to hold hands with an adult when crossing the road. The children joined in with great enthusiasm to sing the road safety song ‘Stop! Look! Listen! Think!’

When Professor E. Spearmint was on the phone to Thingle Toodle’s mum, he reminded her that you always need to wear a seat belt in your booster seat.
When Thingle Toodle arrived in the kinder room for his birthday surprise the children were very excited and then cheerfully sang ‘Happy Birthday”. They taught Thingle Toodle how to safely cross the road through the song that had learnt with Professor E. Spearmint.

After the experience, the children reflected on what they had learnt and shared their enjoyment. This is some of the exciting things they had to say:

Macey- “It was really fun. We must remember to hold hands when we cross the road.”
Mia- “It was a bit scary and funny.”
Charlotte- “It was funny and he has a big hand.”
Zahra- “It was funny.”
Anna- “I liked it.”
Levi- “I liked the bear. I want to see him again.”
Olivia- “He was funny when he bumped his head on the window.”
Maria- “I liked it when he was sitting on a cake.”
Jaxen- “Always hold hands when we cross the road.”
Christopher- “He was funny when he hit his head.”
Dhiliana- “Always remember to Look and Listen. I liked how we sang ‘Happy Birthday’.”
Marcus- “He has a big hand and he was funny. We must remember to wear our seatbelt.”
Alexia- “Always Stop, Look Listen and Think. I love how we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and he was really funny.”
Addison- “I liked it when he picked up the phone and he banged it on his head and said ‘Hello’. That was funny.”

Learning Outcomes
Outcome 2-Children are connected with and contribute to their world
2.1 Children develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities and understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active community participation.
Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners
4.4 Children resource their own learning through connecting with people, place, technologies and natural and processed materials



KBC: The World & the Environment

Img 6888


Kool Kidz Mill Park Father’s Day Celebrations

Kool Kidz Mill Park Father's Day Celebrations

On Tuesday 29th August 2017, Kool Kidz Mill Park hosted the Kidz Morning session at Westfield Plenty Valley where the children made Father’s Day card and Father’s Day Picture Frames.

The children had a blast making master pieces for their father’s, grandfathers and special people in their lives.

Thank you to two of our amazing educators Stacie and Lara who hosted the session and to all of the amazing families in the area that visited us on the day.  We hope your children were proud of their hand made gifts and enjoyed Father’s Day on Sunday.


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New Sports Program Kicks Off at Kool Kidz Mill Park

New Sports Program Kicks Off at Kool Kidz Mill Park

Commencing this week, Keegan from Little Sports Heroes took our Beetlebugs, Jitterbugs, Caterpillars, Butterflies and Kindergarten children for their weekly sports session.  The children really enjoyed their sports session.

These sessions included ball skills through throwing a small basketball through the hoop, throwing a tennis ball through the hoop, bouncing the ball, and hopping to name a few.

The Little Sports Heroes program is a development-focused program, with structured coaching, that teaches correct technique and terminology.  The program follows the Early Learning Years Framework and supports the Healthy Bodies block within our Kool Beginnings Curriculum.  The sessions are presented in smaller groups for more personal coaching, promoting a better understanding and listening to instructions from the teachers.  The sessions teach peer-encouragement and restore the enjoyment of keeping active.  Over the remainder of the year, we will cover multiple sports.

We look forward to watching all children involved in this program continue to develop their gross motor skills over the coming months and thank George and Keegan from Little Sports Heroes for providing such an amazing program for us at Kool Kidz Mill Park.