Sparky the Dalmatian Fire Dog visits Kool Kidz Mill Park

Sparky the Dalmatian Fire Dog visits Kool Kidz Mill Park

Today we had a visit from Mark and Sparky the Dalmatian Fire Dog.

Sparky went to all rooms at Kool Kidz Mill Park giving the children the opportunity to meet him and have a pat if they were comfortable too.

In the Kinder and Butterflies rooms, Mark spoke to the children first about how to approach a dog. These are the steps below:

1. Ask the dog’s owner if you can meet their dog.
2. If the pet’s owner says yes, greet the dog with your arm out in front of you and your hand in a fist.
3. Hold your fist low so the dog can smell it. If the dog turns away, leave it be. The dog may not want a pat right now. If he leans in or licks your hand, you’ve been given the green light, but proceed slowly.
4. Pat the dog gently, paying attention to his response. If he seems eager for more, give him a good back scratch. Keep your child away from the dog’s face, just in case.
5. Don’t forget to say “Thank you” to the dog when they are done patting them. And also thank the owner for allowing you to pat their dog.

Mark also spoke to the children about what to do if there is a fire. The words he used were STOP, DROP, and CRAWL. He also had Sparky the Dalmatian show us how he could do STOP, DROP and ROLL. We thought Sparky was so clever being able to roll all by himself.

Mark was provided with an amazing chocolate gift hamper for taking the time to drive all the way down from Yallourn. The children and educators alike appreciated Sparky and his talents.