National Tree Day

It was National Tree Day on Friday 29 July 2016 and the children at Kool Kidz mill Park participated in many activities to assist with their learning about what this day means.

National Tree Day, combined with Schools Tree Day, is Australia’s largest community tree planting and nature care event.  National Tree day aims to inspire, educate and recruit Australians to actively care for our unique land and create future generations of committed environmental custodians.  Planet Ark’s research demonstrates the benefits of interaction with nature for children’s health, well being and development.


National Tree Day


Friday 29 July

On Friday 29 July, the children in the Butterflies and Kinder rooms planted a beautiful lemon tree in a gorgeous half wine barrel donated to the centre.  First they had to place rocks in the very bottom of the wine barrel.  Next they had to line the wine barrel with black plastic.  They then had to place some more rocks on top of the black plastic.  They then placed the soil into the wine barrel which took a little bit of time because it needed a lot of soil to bring the level high enough in the barrel to be able to plant the lemon tree we purchased from Bunnings Mill Park.  Then finally the children were able to plant the lemon tree and add some water for the lemon tree to have a big drink.  The children are now enjoying watering the lemon tree each day and watching it grow.  They are still deciding on a name for the tree.
Our Caterpillars children also undertook an activity of planting grass heads in recycled jars.  They had to firstly choose a jar which had been donated to the centre by a lovely lady name Vikki from Eltham North whose husband didn’t want so many empty jars handing around anymore and she thought someone else could do with them rather than throwing them out.  And wasn’t she right.  The children loved getting their hands dirty, adding dirt, grass seeds and water them.  Within a couple of day, grass started to appear.  Such great results and learning opportunity for the children to see from a 360degree view how plants grow and how to take care of them.

The Jitterbugs children created their very own garden within their outdoor play space.  The also had to choose some pots to plant their carrots, zucchini, snow peas and tomatoes into.  They added their soil, then their seeds and finally they watered them to give them a drink to help them grow.  The Jitterbugs veggies have started to grow and their little garden looks amazing and can be seen by all visitors coming into the centre.


Wednesday 17th

On Wednesday 17th August 2016, the team from Bunnings Mill Park came to visit Kool Kidz Mill Park to talk to and educate the children on how to fill up our two planter boxes with the correct vegetables for the current season.  All children in the centre were able to participate in this activity with some very eager little ones getting right in there and getting their hands dirty.  The children planted many vegetables including carrots, spring onion, and lettuce to name a few.  All seeds were chosen in consultation with our amazing cook Liam so that when these vegetables grow, the children can pick them for Liam to use in the preparation of their meals.  Such a fantastic experience and a big thank you to the two ladies from Bunnings Mill Park.

Finally, our receptionist Jenelle along with one of our educators Kathy, made 24 grass heads with recycled stockings.  What fun they had making all of these beautiful little heads.  They both ensure that each day they are watered and continue to grow.

Overall, the children at Kool Kidz Mill Park had a number of fantastic experiences to support and grow their knowledge of caring for our environment.




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