Learn how to create delicious pumpkin scones

Today the children in the Kinder, Butterflies, Jitterbugs and Beetlebugs rooms had the opportunity to participate in a cooking experience. We made scones for afternoon tea! We had a discussion about the ingredients and when Liam our cook added the pumpkin children were able to identify the colour of the pumpkin as orange.

All the children took turns to mix the batter together and found this process extremely exciting. When afternoon tea was ready the children were eager to try the scones they had prepared earlier in the day.

When we participate in cooking experiences we:
• Share humour and happiness and confidence
• Engage in learning relationships
• Make new discoveries
• Develop an understanding of maths concepts
• Learn about healthy eating choices
• Promote cultural awareness
• Encourages children to try new food
• Develop their autonomy and sense of achievement
• Develop fine motor skills
• Become more social in their educational setting

Here’s the super simple recipe to make these yummy pumpkin scones at home:

Step 1. Boil pumpkin
Step 2. Mash pumpkin
Step 3. Add butter
Step 4. Add self raising flour
Step 5. Add a small amount of milk
Step 6. Mix all together (the fun part!)
Step 7. Roll in flour
Step 8. Cut as a scone size
Step 9. Put into oven to cook
And presto!


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