Little Builders Kool Kidz Kinder Mill Park

Little Builders Kool Kidz Kinder Mill Park

Say hello to the little builders of Kool Kidz Kinder Mill Park! The children in our kinder room have shown a great interest in the construction that is occurring across the road from our centre. Jacob immediately reacts with excitement when a truck drives by and Christopher imitates the construction workers by building in the mud pit.

In order to extend upon this interest, we have decided to create an indoor construction experience where children are able to engage in imaginative play. This experience involves construction signs, construction vests, cones, wooden blocks, wooden tools, crates, logs, stones and plants. Such an experience helps children to develop capacities for problem solving, trial and error, creativity, fine and gross motor skills, mathematical concepts and social awareness.

Through incorporating natural resources, we are encouraging children to actively explore nature both indoors and outdoors. In turn, this provides children with rich opportunities to engage and connect with their surrounding environment.

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