Literacy and Numeracy Week

Literacy and Numeracy Week

During National Literacy and Numeracy week, the children in the Caterpillars room engaged in a number of activities including commencing their Buddy Program with the Butterflies children.


The Caterpillars children partnered up with the children in the Butterflies room with a focus of the program on the older children reading/singing and engaging in activities with the Caterpillars children. This program happens each week and provides the children with the opportunity to explore literacy and numeracy with links to creative, fun and stimulating activities in another room.


Activities that the children engaged in and have continued include:

  • Weekly singing and reading with the Butterflies children as part of the buddy program.
  • Counting in 6 different languages including English, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, and Russian.
  • Engaging children in discussions about symbol systems, for example, letters, numbers, time, money and musical notations.
  • Creating stories with children using artistic methods such as painting, drawing, and using songs including the frog song in Japanese titled Kaeru no Uta.
  • Reading and sharing a range of books with the children.


Numeracy and Literacy week

29th August- 4th September