Learn about our Kindergarten Teacher Michelle Watt’s and her teaching philosophy!

Learn about our Kindergarten Teacher Michelle Watt's and her teaching philosophy!


My name is Michelle Watt, I am the Kindergarten teacher at Kool Kidz Mill Park. I have been teaching Kinder for the last three years, previous to this I have worked in agricultural research, electrical wholesale industry and owned a printing business. On a personal note I am the proud mother of two active teenage boys.


As for my personal philosophy; I believe that all children are capable learners, who learn through playing in a social environment, with many open-ended experiences. I believe that the children need to feel a sense of belong and will learn best in that environment. To achieve a sense of belonging I will work closely with the child and their families to gain an insight into the child’s culture, beliefs and their interests. I will incorporate activities which are familiar to them into the program to make them feel more secure.


As an educator I will provide the structures and support that each child needs to develop physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially. I believe that play-based learning is imperative and I will encourage the children to work together in a collaborative partnership to solve any challenges they face. I will also provide support in the form of scaffolding to assist children in their learning. The educational environment that I intend to provide will be calm and spacious, with a wide variety of open-ended challenging activities which follow the children’s interests. Outside I believe that children should have access to dirt, mud, sand and water to learn about the natural environment.


Families and people who are significant to the child are always welcome; they are the child’s first educators and know their child interests, needs and abilities. I intend to build trusting relationship with all families and will strongly encourage their participation in daily activities.


As an educator I am aware that my learning is never complete, I will always be learning about children and how to teach them effectively. To reflect on my own learning journey I will observe and communicate with the children; recording and reflecting on their interests and knowledge, as well as my own thoughts in my reflective journal. Through analysing these records I will detect gaps in my knowledge and practices and I will be able to build upon them by seeking out courses or assistance from colleagues.