Kool Kidz Mill Park Is Now SunSmart

Here are SunSmart 5 combination protection measures
1. SLIP on clothing The best barrier between your skin and the sun. Cover as much skin as possible. The tighter the fabric weave, the better the sun protection.
2. SLOP on sunscreen SPF 30 (or higher) broad-spectrum and water-resistant. Takes 20 minutes to activate on the skin. Use more than you think! Reapply every 2 hours. Use in conjunction with other sun protection measures. Check expiry date.

3. SLAP on a hat Broad-brim to protect the face, head, neck and ears
4. SEEK shade Natural, built or portable, such as marquees and tents
5. SLIDE on wrap-around sunglasses Protect your eyes year-round if you can.

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