Cleanliness and Safety

Cleanliness and Safety

Cleanliness and Safety

At Kool Kidz we understand the importance for families that you are leaving your child in a physical environment that take all the security and safety precautions necessary to ensure your child remains as healthy, safe and secure as possible.

Our services follow strict cleaning practices and our hygiene practices are based on the latest research on breaking the germ spreading cycle and are reviewed regularly.  The approved Providers are there to ensure that our standards are being implemented and maintained at all times.

Our security access arrangements are carefully considered and we utilise the latest technology such as fingerprint and security key tag access systems.

In addition to all of this, Kool Kidz services have access to an experienced Mentor and Trainer employed by our Central Support team that assist to train educators and owners on industry best practices within each location.

Finally, we have comprehensive policies that families can assist to review annually that guide all of our educators practices in all areas of their work. We achieve this by having a Policy Review Group for each location that is consulted to review new policies. We welcome all input and feedback as we know many of our families are professionals working in industries covering these areas.

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