We offer more flexibility with kindergarten options, with kindergarten hours that suits your work needs. Longer sessions prepare children for long school days.

Absolutely! If they are ready. In consultation with local prep teachers, we program to ensure your child is ready for their future school environment.

We support your child as they settle into term 1 of school life by being available to their prep teacher and through a visit if needed.

We develop children who are:

  • Social;
  • Resilient;
  • Show perseverance on a given or chosen activity;
  • Are independent;
  • Are attentive; and,
  • Have a strong sense of who they are within a larger group.

We endeavour to develop a life-long love of learning in your child .

Your child will have many opportunities to explore pre-literacy and pre-number skills. Through play and other fun learning experiences, your child will discover the alphabet and number as they engage in “concepts of print” and “counting” activities. If your child is ready they, can be lead to reading activities.

No need to find 12 weeks leave each year, your child can attend our 4 year-old holiday program during the school holidays.

Yes, please do! A minimum of 2 parent-teacher interviews are scheduled. A positive working relationship between home and kindergarten promotes positive learning outcomes.

Although family participation is welcome, there is no obligation for formal "family kindergarten duty"

No lunch boxes are needed as Kool Kidz provides all meals for your child throughout their day including morning tea, a two course lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack
Special lunch box days will be arranged usually later in the year to support the children in learning how to manage a their lunch box.

We talk and listen to your child about school. If they are enrolled in a long day care program, our hours prepare them for the longer school hours of primary school

We give individual verbal and/or written communication to your child’s prep teacher during their kindergarten year and into their school year. Transition statements are prepared with family contribution. We follow up your child’s transition into prep with a personal visit.

Yes, we do! We plan these around unit themes based on the children’s interests. We have many internal programs at no extra cost.

Our children attend a wide variety of local schools increasing the chance of a friend going to school with your child. New no zoning rules allow more flexibility in school choice for families. The children will be learning the skills needed to make friends wherever they go in life.

We support children’s emerging individuality whilst encouraging belonging within the whole kindergarten community. If your child attended the Kool Kidz childcare service they will already be known to the teacher and educators and we can arrange longer transitions for the children up into the kindergarten room.

Our programs are based on the National Early Years Learning Framework which provides a common base for monitoring children’s progress. Included in your child’s kindergarten year is our Kool Beginnings Curriculum which provide the learning blocks for successful future learning. Our program will bring out virtues in your child such as respect, kindness and understanding.

  • We prepare children to become successful positive citizens.
  • Our long day care program prepares children for primary school hours
  • Your child can attend the one location for the entire day which offers more flexibility for work needs.

There is no additional fee for your child to be enrolled in the kindergarten sessions as well as attend the childcare service.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions, which will be warmly welcomed and answered by our dedicated kindergarten team.