Recreating Iconic Locations

Recreating Iconic Locations

Amish just recently returned from a trip to Sydney with his Family. As soon as Amish returned he couldn’t talk enough about ‘The Big Bridge’. Amish had all of the children interested as he went on to discuss the cars on the Bridge and that people can walk and climb on the Bridge.

To extend on his interest and excitement about the Bridge we encouraged Amish and the other children to re-create other iconic sites from around the world.

The children were using the Lego blocks to create the buildings and towers. A few of the children were looking at the photos and asking questions about where the pictures were taken.

From this experience, we will use the photos to show the children whereabouts they are from on the map.

Linking to the framework:
L/O 1. 1.2: Children develop their emerging autonomy, interdependence, resilience and sense of agency.
L/O 1. 1.4: Children learn to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect.
L/O 2. 2.2: Children respond to diversity with respect.
L/O 4. 4.1: Children develop dispositions for learning such as confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence and imagination.


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