Olympic Medal Making

The children in the Butterflies room have been asking a lot of questions about the Olympics and have been interested in looking through the newspapers and seeing all the different sports. The children were asking a lot of questions about the medals that the athletes were wearing. To incorporate this interest the children were involved in a create experience that encouraged them to create their very own Olympic medal.

The children had the choice of a wide variety of art materials to create their very own medal. During the medal making experience the children were discussing with each other what colours they were using as well as what materials they were going to use on their medal. Once the children had finished creating their own medals they put them around their neck to display them like a medal. We then had a group time discussion where all of the children were asked to discuss why they got their own medals whether it was for a sport or for something they did in the room or at home.

Written by: Emma, Rohini and Kuljinder

childcare docklands


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