Making Fruit Smoothies

One day while sitting in the home corner we noticed Avika and Addison using their imaginations and making each other fruit juices to drink. “MMMM yummy addi” Avika would say.

We decided to give Avika and Addison an opportunity to make real fruit smoothies using the Nutri Bullet. Each day at morning tea time we cut up selected fruits with the children and they placed the fruit into the cup using tongs. We then twisted the Nutri bullet together and the Caterpillars pushed down to make the smoothie blend together, they laughed as the fruit went around and around, the blender had a loud noise that gave some a fright.

Once the fruit was all blended together the children poured their delicious juice into their cup and gave it a taste test, some reactions were “YUUUMMMY” some reactions were extremely funny facial expressions.

We talked with the children how fruit grows on trees and they are filled with vitamins and nutrients that help make our bodies stronger.

This experience was such a positive one, we had “fussy eaters” drinking 2-3 glasses of smoothies which families were over the moon about.

Because we had such a positive reaction to this activity we are going to continue it spontaneously each week.


Learning Outcomes:
Show an increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing
Show an increasing awareness of healthy life styles and good nutrition



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