Learn about the benefits of our latest reading challenge

Learn about the benefits of our latest reading challenge


This week we commenced our reading challenge in the Butterflies room. Throughout the day a lot of the children ask to read different stories and in group times the children are encouraged to select stories that they want to hear.

We are now working closely with the children to write down what stories we are reading and the children are involved in the selection process to see how many books we can introduce ourselves to.

To extend on the children’s interest in books and our reading challenge, the children were encouraged to creatively express what their favourite book was. The children used colouring equipment to draw their favourite book. While they were drawing, the children were asked to discuss with each other which book they were drawing and why it is their favourite book.

After the children had finished drawing, they carried their piece of paper to the group time mat where they discussed their picture and the book they had chosen.


Where to from here:

Now that the children have expressed what their favourite books are, we will encourage the children to bring in a particular book from home that we can read during group time.


Linking to the framework/benefits to the activity:

L/O 1.1.1: Children feel safe, secure and supported.

L/O 1.1.2: Children develop their emerging autonomy, inter-dependence, resilience and sense of agency.

L/O 4. 4.1: Children develop dispositions for learning such as confidence, commitment, enthusiasm and persistence.