Honeybee’s Celebrate Diwali

Quite a few of our children’s families in the Honeybee’s room celebrate Diwali – the Indian Festival of Lights. One of our Mums requested their child create something special in honour of the Festival to send to his Great Grandmother in India. We asked how they celebrated Diwali in their family and what the Diwali is.

Diwali is celebrated by lighting many diyas, houses are decorated with lights, sweets and gifts are shared amongst family and friends and there are many fireworks displays. Diwali is celebrated annually on the 30th of October.

Honeybee’s children created their own fireworks master pieces using yellow, orange, red and pink paint with glitter and specially formed pipe cleaners for children to stamp their paper with.  We displayed our creations with coloured fairy lights and battery operated candles.

Happy Diwali!

Docklands Childcare


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