Cultural Diversity Week at Kool Kidz Docklands

Cultural Diversity Week at Kool Kidz Docklands

CULTURAL DIVERSITY WEEK – Kindergartners are Proud to Belong

We created a display to remind us that we are proud to belong in Australia and ultimately on Earth. We drew self-portraits using the colour paper which best matches our skin colour and displaying these around our painted globe. We were also very lucky to have Sham come in and teach us how to do two Spanish dances: the Salsa and the Samba. We began by looking for Spain on a globe and then listening to a few Spanish songs. We heard castanets, drums, guitars and singing. We really enjoyed learning how to move our hips, the forward backward salsa, the sideway salsa, the stop and spin, the shimmy and so much more. After this session, we had a discussion about the different dances that we know and we found out that Finn knows the Irish dance. We played an Irish song and clapped as Finn performed to the class. Shweta taught us how to sing a song in Hindi called: Lakdi Ki Kathi; Gulsen taught us to sing a song in Turkish called Kucuk Kurbaga; Jenny taught us how to sing a Chinese version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Julie taught us how to sing an Aboriginal song called Inanay Capuana (which is in the Yorta Yorta language).

We also had the following discussion after reading two books by Mem Fox called: ‘Whoever you are’ and ‘I’m Australian Too’:

J: What’s so special about this week?

Harshith: It’s cultural diversity week.

J: What does this mean?

Finn: It means we celebrate things.

J: What are we celebrating?

Chloe: We’re celebrating people and everybody.

Matthew: We’re celebrating China.

Saavi: We’re celebrating India.

Addison: Singapore

Harvey S: we’re celebrating different skin colours.

Hudson: we’re celebrating different eye colours.

Noreen: we’re celebrating different hair colours.

J: yes! We’re celebrating difference but deep down we’re quite the same aren’t we? We’re all people.

Minnie: Yeah, our blood is the same colour!