Creek Play with the Beetlebugs & Jitterbugs

Lately in the Beetlebugs room, the children have been taking a lot of interest in water play. We’ve had a couple of requests from children asking us to have water play and we decided to think of a couple of activities to hold for the children. On this particular hot, sunny day, the Beetlebugs educators and children were outside enjoying the sunshine when the children asked to put ‘creek’ on.

The educators swept the sand away from the creek and ask the children to take off their shoes and socks and to put them aside so they don’t get wet or sandy. As the children did so, the educators put on the water and let it flow! The children had such fun, as the water was running, we saw smiles on all the children’s faces and we heard many giggles and happy squeals. The Jitterbugs children, whom we share a yard with, decided to also take off their shoes and socks and come join in on the fun with us to! It was a great time outside with our ‘big friends’, as the children call them.

Related Learning Outcomes:
Children feel safe, secure and supported
1.4. Children learn to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect
2.3. Children become aware of fairness
4.1. Children develop dispositions for learning (ect.)
4.4. Children resource their own learning (ect.)
5.1. Children interact verbally and non-verbally (ect.)


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