Chinese New Year – Dragon Dance Incursion at Kool Kidz Docklands

Chinese New Year - Dragon Dance Incursion at Kool Kidz Docklands


This week a very special guest came to Kool Kidz Good Shed Docklands to celebrate the Lunar New Year with us in the Kinder One room! A large Chinese dragon with shining red eyes and an elaborate coat covered in red and gold shimmering scales came to visit! During this incursion we discussed what we know or like about Chinese culture, and read a story about how Chinese New Year originated and the legends behind certain traditions.


The children also got up to learn to dance! First they warmed up by pretending to be dragons and baby dragons, then they followed some easy dance steps to traditional Chinese music, and finally, got to hold their very own dragon dance together by holding onto the dragon’s poles and walking in circular patterns around the room with educators’ guidance and assistance.

Fascinated by the dragon’s sheer size and weight, its many textures, colours and different parts, they thoroughly enjoyed this experience and couldn’t get enough of being part of their very own dragon dance team.

Last of all, the children settled down onto the mat together again to listen to the story behind the Chinese zodiac and how its 13 animals received their corresponding place in the zodiac sequence. They had fun naming the animals and mimicking their actions, resulting in a fun session which triggered the children to raise their hands, eager to share their own stories and ask questions. The session was a fun one that opened up their understanding of a portion of Chinese culture, and through movement and interactivity, truly piqued their imagination.