Learning Outcome 2 – Children are connected with and contribute to their world (VEYLDF).

In memory of all the Soldiers that lost their lives, and to show our respect the children in the Butterfly room made their very own Poppies. The children have been showing a sudden interest in using their hands to paint with as well as finger painting. So this was incorporated into a creative art experience, where the children painted their choice of hand in red paint, and used their hand print to signify a very unique poppy. In the centre of the poppy the children then stuck down gumnuts that they collected from our outdoor yard.

This experience was followed up with the children being involved in a discussion about what ANZAC day is all about, as well as a Child friendly information video talking about the significance of ANZAC day.

To show our respect, the children’s poppies are now displayed on the first window you see when walking into the Butterfly room.

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