Why Kool Kidz Child Care?

Why Kool Kidz Child Care?

Kool Kidz Child Care creates engaging and meaningful environments for children to play and learn in. The children will not only receive lots of attention and have all their needs catered for but will feel safe, loved and encouraged to explore, be creative and make new friends. We aim to ensure every child develops a sense of Belonging in their child care service.

Kool Kidz’s highly qualified and experienced teachers and educators work in partnership with families to deliver high quality early learning opportunities for each and every child. These learning opportunities arise from children playing and engaging with a wide variety of learning areas such as numeracy, my lab and my senses etc.

These play spaces are created by the educators using our Kool Beginnings Curriculum which includes 11 learning blocks. We refer to these blocks as the Learning blocks for life. We also use the Australian Early Years Learning Framework as the guide to how children will best learn and develop for their age group.

Kool Kidz Child Care is so much more than a child care centre, rather a place where children are constantly benefiting from learning and developmental opportunities through quality interactions with others and the environment. This is what makes Kool Kidz Child Care a fun, exciting and educational experience every time.

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