Why work at Kool Kidz?

Kool Kidz Child Care

“Our child care jobs offer fantastic opportunities, great conditions and actually looking forward to your day…”

Kool Kidz educators and Teachers are professional at all times and are always encouraged to make the most of their daily opportunities to have fun with their team and of course the children. The Kool Kidz environment promotes and encourages innovative, interesting and engaging educational programs for children which educators become fully immersed in and enjoy as much as the children evoking childhood memories; after all we are all just kids trapped in adult bodies!!

At Kool Kidz we love having fun and enjoy a good laugh, from our dress up days to social get togethers where we can really let out hair down. The Kool Kidz in – house motto is “Work hard having fun and play harder”

Child care jobs offer many special moments every single day which are cherished and unforgettable. Kool Kidz educators love the company of children and are surrounded every day by limitless opportunities to share, learn, create, build, sing, laugh and cry. The ultimate job satisfaction is to watch children grow and develop into their own individual characters, who are just starting to find their way in the world. Knowing you have been a positive influence in a child’s life and learning is a great feeling.

Enjoying coming to work

The Kool Kidz workplace is a warm friendly environment where everybody acknowledges you, respects you as an individual and a place where you receive praise for your hard work. Kool Kidz has great workplace facilities, conditions and educator policies reinforced by supportive management.

Just like the children we know that educators need a sense of belonging in their workplace for them to be the best they can be. We all have the right to feel safe and secure at work and at Kool Kidz services we have very unique strategies and mentoring to support this.

Each Approved provider owns and operates their own service where they aim to maintain a harmonious workplace where the culture is all about unity.

Our philosophy requires us to be a community of learners where we can all learn and grow from our achievements and even when making mistakes. We recognise that when educators learn and grow the children and families get better outcomes.

All Kool Kidz services have access to a central support team who employs mentors, trainers and consultants to assist and advise you when you need that extra helping hand. Our trainers run lots of internal Professional development and we encourage external development and formal training also through traineeships. Kool Kidz is always offering various child care jobs, and welcome people of all qualifications who are passionate about children to apply.

Some of the roles at our kool Kidz Services include:

  • Nominated Supervisor
  • Office Administration and receptionist
  • Early Childhood teacher
  • EC Educator
  • EC Assistants
  • EC Cook
  • EC kitchen assistant
  • Kindergarten Teachers