Warning for Parents: What Apps are your children downloading?

The ‘Australian Council on Children and the Media’ website gives the public a look into what App’s our children use every day and what that actually promote.

Psychologist Jocelyn Brewer works as a councillor for school kids and has helped depressed children shake their screen addiction.

Gambling Content Guide

Brewer says screen time stimulates happy chemicals in the brain and can leave users anxious and distracted.

“It works similar to other addictions in that there is a reward pathway that dopamine sets up. If you’re doing any activity that feels really good, you would want to do more of that activity and continue to have that good feeling.”

The Attorney General’s Department of South Australia funded the part before you know project to create a ‘Children and Gambling Watch list’. Each App is listed and with a short description on what it is about. It then gives you a coloured square box which shows the age group that is being affected and a circular box showing the level of gambling content within the App. Parents can then scroll down and look through the Apps, once you click on them it goes through in detail who developed it, how long it was reviewed for and the ACCM review of what they think the App contains.

The ‘Australia Council on Children and the media App’ review is based on ‘The Know before You Load App’ which will help you find age- appropriate and enjoyable apps for your children.

Their reviews have been developed by child development professionals.

Each app has been reviewed for the following:
• In app purchasing
• Online profile of person playing the game
• Age recommendations
• Game playing behaviour
• Advertising and product promotion
• Gender stereo types and sexual references
• Gambling content

This website gives great insight into the hidden messages in the Media through movies, Apps and adverts and offers a discussion page for parents to share with others their views. ACCM is a great website to stay connected with others and promote positive messages in Media.