Rowville First Aid Training October 1st 2014

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First Aid Training October 1st 2014

First Aid and other medical qualifications such as Asthma and Anaphylaxis are an extremely important tool of our trade when you consider the range of activities children are involved in during the course of a day. Activities such as climbing and exploring outside natural environments, learning to cut with scissors and just plain old eating food can all result in the need for First Aid treatment.

As a result of a more consistent National set of Regulations across Australia that commenced from 1st January 2012 the previous requirement in Victoria for all educators to maintain these Qualifications was reduced to the requirement for only 1 person at all times to hold these Qualifications.

At Kool Kidz we disagreed with this reduction in the requirement in Victoria for only 1 person to maintain these Qualifications as we see them as a crucial tool every educator should maintain.

For you this means that if your child attends a Kool Kidz service you can be assured that every educator working with your child maintains current First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis qualifications at all times to ensure they will always be best prepared to respond to any situation that may arise.

We will be regularly offering First Aid training sessions at our services for our educators and we invite any Kool Kidz family to attend to receive these valuable qualifications and the knowledge to confidently respond to any medical emergency that may arise in life.

Our next First Aid Training session is in the evening of Wednesday 1st October 2014 at our Kool Kidz on Wellington service located in Rowville. If you would like to book please visit Revive 2 Survive at