Is it possible to spoil your young baby?

As a parent it’s important not to spoil your children in order to teach them life lessons in their transition to adulthood but is it possible to spoil a young baby?

While it may seem like being overly attentive with babies could encourage negative behaviours in the future, very young babies haven’t developed the ability to understand cause and effect. For example very young babies aren’t able to figure out the link between crying and getting rewarded.

So how young are we talking? Babies between the ages of 6-8 months begin to develop their cause and effect abilities, noticing a direct link between your behaviour and their own. At this stage it’s acceptable to begin setting limits as well a rewarding positive behaviours and beginning to discourage negative ones. “At this point in development, children need to learn to trust themselves as well as their caregivers,” explains Ester Schaler Buchholz, Ph.D., author of The Call of Solitude: Alonetime in a World of Attachment. “Of course, your baby still needs your care and love. But he also needs to start figuring things out for himself.”

However before that point it’s imperative to understand your baby is completely “spoil- proof” and needs your complete care and attention. This is a vital period for parents to build their bond with their babies and lay the foundation of what will eventually become a long and wonderful journey. “Meeting an infant’s need to be comforted, held, and fed in a predictable fashion helps him feel secure and builds a loving relationship between parent and child. It does not lead to spoiling.” says David Mrazek, M.D., chairman of psychiatry and psychology at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota “During the first six months, it’s really impossible to spoil a child.”

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