Impact of Victoria’s NO JAB, NO PLAY legislation

By now everyone is probably familiar with the recently introduced legislation that now requires all children to be immunised before they can enrol in an early childhood environment.

“The ‘No Jab, No Play’ law aimed to improve vaccination rates and reduce the prevalence and spread of disease”

We wondered how this has impacted on the numbers of children receiving Vaccinations in Victoria.

Statistics showed that in the 12-15 month age group there was only a 0.6% increase in the immunisation rate from Dec 2013 to Dec 2015. There was a similar increase in the 2 year old group and only a 0.3% increase for 5 year old children.

We discovered that since the introduction of the legislation in January 2016 early signs are there has been a significantly higher increase in the number of children receiving their Vaccinations. Whilst it is early days for those who compile these statistics, some reports in the Medical field are that as high as 70% of non-immunised children now receiving immunisations.

“The Global Vaccine Action Plan 2011 – 2020 encourages countries to demonstrate a commitment to immunisation by setting ambitious but attainable national targets”

At this early stage it remains to be seen whether this ambitious measure will result in the aims for Herd Immunity being achieved however early signs are looking promising.