Children’s Week 2014

Children's Week 2014

Children’s Week 2014

What does Children’s week mean to us all?

In Australia, Children’s Week is a National event held every year around Universal Children’s Day being the fourth Wednesday in October. As a nation, we dedicate this week to celebrating children right across our country. It is an opportunity for the community to engage in a variety of activities that facilitate, support and encourage children and their families to play, learn and grow together.
Children’s Week recognises the rights of children to play and enjoy their childhood.

It is also a time to promote awareness of Children’s Rights as proclaimed in 1954 by the United Nations and to remind us of our community responsibility to adhere and advocate for children as citizens, to value our relationships by listening to children and acting genuinely and honestly in response to their needs, ideas and development.
Now, thousands of children and their families around the country are involved in a diverse range of activities and events during Children’s Week every October.
A diverse range of activities celebrates children’s week each year in each of our Kool Kidz services. We are however united as a group by the common theme of celebrating each and every child’s right to play and to enjoy this very special time in their lives…their childhood.

Each year all Kool Kidz childcare centres celebrate the children in our services through a varied and fun calendar of activities.
Here are examples of some of this year’s activities enjoyed across all Kool Kidz childcare centres.

Diwali celebration’s at Kool Kidz Tarneit were very colourful and a lot of fun. Diversity and Unity were common themes of learning using many play experiences across all services with many group time discussions with the children on what difference means to them as well as how we are all really just the same. Kool Kidz on Wellington introduced stories and songs which also supported this important learning for the children. Kool Kidz @ Goods Shed Docklands has introduced a good morning friendship song which is sung to each child as an acknowledgement of their presence by the group. This will now form part of each morning group time in the Kindergarten aged room. This supports the children to know each other’s names and to acknowledge that everyone is a part of the group.

History of Children’s Week

Following the proclamation of Universal Children’s day in 1954 it has evolved into a day to promote friendship and understanding among children of the world. It aims to focus attention on the issues and needs of children and their families, with UNICEF leading the development of this concept worldwide.

For Kool Kidz childcare services it is an opportunity for us to reflect on providing activities that are devoted to promoting the ideals and objectives of the UN Charter ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’.
Prior to 1977, Child Care week was held by a few States and Territories with the focus being children in care or those in institutions and events occurred at all different times of the year..

In the 1980’s the Commonwealth Government requested every State and Territory Children’s Week Committee to agree to hold their Child Care Week celebration’s in conjunction with Universal Children’s Day and to celebrate as a Nation. In 1985, a National Children’s Week Co-ordinating Committee (council) was formed. This saw Children’s Week being held at the same time throughout Australia.

In 1996 the Council adopted a permanent theme ‘A Caring World Shares’ as a reflection of the aims of Children’s Week, and the scope of national activities continue to the present time with all States and Territories represented.
At Kool Kidz we continue to this day to celebrate the wonder of children and their childhood each and every day they attend any of our growing number of Kool Kidz Childcare centres.