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Louise E Robar

Hi Kathy, Paul and Tari,

I’m sure I speak on behalf of all my fellow Educator’s, when I say a big thank you for all our special gifts and surprises today for ECE day! It means so much to be recognised in such a special way.  The notes on our door were so beautiful. I enjoy a couple of chocolate coated strawberries and a cup cake. I loved my certificate (it’s going on my fridge) and my perfume smells fabulous!

Each day I look forward to caring, educating and looking after the children at Kool Kidz and am thankful it is such a positive and supportive place to work.

Thank you again,

Louise E Robar

Chris and Tiffany

Hi Kathy and the Koolkidz family,

Tiffany and I Thank you and the team so much for the lovely card and gift for Thomas. We are sure he will get much enjoyment out of playing with his new toy.

We would also like to let you know how much we appreciate what everyone has done and does for Olivia to make her time at Koolkidz a great one. Olivia has been at Koolkidz since she was around 6 months old. Ever since her first day her educators have been amazing and been a big part of her life so far.  During her first year, like most kids it was challenging when Mum and Dad left for the day but the time and effort that Cheryl made to make sure Olivia felt loved and safe and enjoyed her time in day care was invaluable and we are so greatful. During Olivia’s time in the Honeybees room she has blossomed. Again when she first moved rooms I would get tears and reluctant even to go into the room. Gulsen and her team have been just awesome in the way they have made Olivia feel loved and that the Honeybees room is her room and a place of fun. She now talks of each of her educators and looks forward to her days at Koolkidz.  Tiffany and I are also so impressed and appreciative of the curriculum that Gulsen is teaching. The arts, cooking, outside play, teaching of independence we think are such a great experience for Olivia. We love Gulsen’s passion for what she does and the results of that we can see in Olivia. We can not speak more highly of the Honeybees team and how much they do for Olivia.

Our appreciation does not just stop at the educators. We has seen a significant difference in the centre since Paul, Thari and yourself have taken over the management. It makes us so happy to bring Olivia to such a well run centre where everyone is so welcoming and it’s such a great environment for children.  Everywhere we walk there is a “Hi Olivia” from the team in the kitchen to other educators from other room and especially Megan on the front desk who Olivia has had a soft spot for since day one.  We love everything you guys do and make our family’s experience a great one. We also have been ever so thankful for your flexibility in getting extra days at short notice – it makes those difficult times so less stressful.

Please share this with the teams as we want to make sure they know we are so thankful for what everyone at Koolkidz does for our little lady.

Won’t be too long and we will have another Hope enrolled to enjoy the experience his sister does.

Thanks again


Hello! I did a tour yesterday 22 Feb and am very interested in sending my baby Billy to your centre. I have looked at all the other long day care in Rowville (9 in total!) and I have to say that you are my number 1 pick and hope that Billy may attend your fantastic centre 🙂 Please let me know what the next steps are. Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂 Kind regards, Lucy.

Belinda Ferraro

I just wanted to share some positive news of the new Kool Kidz Childcare centre in Mill Park. My 2 and a half year old son has been in another child care since he was 8 months old and has never been happy. I moved him to Kool Kidz this year and now he races me in the door! The staff ask me every morning how his evening was. I was never ever asked in his last centre. I have been in the industry for nearly 20 years so I have high expectations.

This morning when I walked out of the door I watched the educator Melinda ask my son if he would like to follow her to the other room. Melinda was very quietly spoken and calm and engaged him at his eye level and reached out her hand for my son to take if he wished. My son did not want to go just then so Melinda let him play where he was until he was ready. It was so lovely to see the professionalism of respecting children’s choices and making them feel comfortable and that their voice matters.

So if your looking for a child care centre check out Kool Kidz Mill Park- I highly recommend it.


Also, its a good opportunity to let you know that I am very happy with centre and the care Alexander is receiving so far.  The staff are all very friendly and polite.  I’m very happy that I moved Alex to Kool Kidz.  I also recommended you guys to one of my friends, she came in for orientation and really liked the centre and I think she will be enrolling her son in the new year.  Thanks for everything!


I just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for helping the kids settle in so beautifully. Miriam was so happy and excited this morning because she was going to Kool Kids. It makes a world of difference to my day knowing they are happy and loved there.