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Kool Kidz Cranbourne West Open Day This Saturday!

Kool Kidz Cranbourne West Open Day This Saturday!

Kool Kidz is proud to announce our new service coming to Cranbourne West with an Open Day set for Saturday November 25th, located at 1-5 Whitfield Boulevard, Cranbourne West VIC 3977.

Families will get an opportunity to meet the Approved Provider Addy Singh with his team of educators, take a tour of the new facility as well as partake in the exciting activities offered on the day including a sausage sizzle, animal farm, children’s performers, free barista made coffee and so much more!

As spots are limited we encourage all families who are interested in sending their children to Kool Kidz Cranbourne West to please go to and register your interest. Please give call us on 1800 KOOL KIDZ (566 554) for any questions.

Cranbourne West Open Day

Kool Kidz Gardenvale Coming Early 2018!

Kool Kidz Gardenvale Coming Early 2018!

Kool Kidz is proud to announce a new service for the Gardenvale area, Kool Kidz Gardenvale will be located at 239 Nepean Hwy, Gardenvale, conveniently located right near the corner of Nepean Hwy and North rd.

With a stellar reputation in the chidcare and kindergarten industry Kool Kidz Gardenvale will feature state of the art facilities, amazing play spaces, an experienced chef, a full time barista providing complementary drinks to parents and lots more!

As spaces will be limited all parents are encouraged to go to and register their interest, for more information call 1800 KOOL KIDZ (566 554).


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Kool Kidz Tarneit West Open Day August 26th!

Kool Kidz Tarneit West Open Day August 26th!

Kool Kidz is proud to announce our new service opening in Tarneit this coming August, Kool Kidz Tarneit West will utilise the same Kool Beginnings Curriculum used at Kool Kidz Tarneit which tragically burnt down over a month ago. We are excited to provide families in the area our new service “Kool Kidz Tarneit West” located at 345-351 Hogans rd, Tarneit which will have its open day on August the 26th.

Families will get an opportunity to meet the Approved Provider Tash along with her team of educators, take a tour of the new facility as well as partake in the exciting activities offered on the day including a sausage sizzle, animal farm, children’s performers and so much more!

As spots are limited we encourage all families who are interested in sending their children to Kool Kidz Tarneit West to please go to and register your interest. Please give call us on 1800 KOOL KIDZ (566 554) for any questions, we are very excited to be bringing another Kool Kidz to the Tarneit area.

Tarneit West Open Day Doublesided Dl Flyer

Budget 2017 – Licensor Comments

Budget 2017 - Licensor Comments


This years’ budget did not produce any real surprises for our sector, in fact the overall proposed changes are positive for families and providers.

The introduction of yet another way to administer childcare subsidies and labelling them something new once again is no real surprise.  The current Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate will now be called the “Child Care Subsidy”, this new combined single payment will also be means tested.

On a positive note the government is pledging to spend an extra $2.5 Billion for our sector, keeping in mind this still has to be passed in the Senate.

The proposed breakdown of families receiving the Child Care Subsidy is based on their combined family earnings.  I support the basic rationale adopted by the government that families earning the lowest incomes will and should receive the highest amount of Subsidy, then as you earn more you receive less assistance with childcare fees.

It makes sense that families with lower incomes are not further disadvantaged, so providers located in areas with lower socio-economic demographics can still afford to charge reasonable rates provided they are offering high quality care and education services to families.

I still believe that the families earning incomes above $340K can still comfortably afford our services, however their expectations as parents will always be very high.

Please refer to the information below for a summary of the proposed subsidy paid based on family income.

It is a further win for families earning up to $185K as they will not have a cap imposed based on how much subsidy they receive.  Families earning more than $185K will now be capped at $10K instead of $7K – another win.

In my view this budget is once again very positive for the general childcare sector across the board. It is also my opinion that throughout the Kool Kidz network we should not experience any real negative financial consequences or declining occupancy levels as a direct result of this budget.

Our industry is currently viewed as the “boom business” and at least for the last five years this has been the case.  We have many new services being developed and licensed at the moment across Melbourne, resulting in more choice for families and an increase in competition for our group.  I expect that in the near future supply will meet and perhaps exceed demand in some areas, however I am a firm believer in our owner operator model providing superior quality care and education services hence will always be the first choice for families.


Budget 2017 – Summary for Families

$2.5 billion more in early learning and child care, including the new system of fee subsidies

How will the Government administer payments to families going forward ?

Currently the Government provides two payments to families to help with child care costs: the means-tested Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Rebate, which is not means-tested.

The proposal is to create one means-tested payment instead, called the Child Care Subsidy.

How will this affect families?

Families on the lowest incomes will receive the highest amount of subsidy.

Families earning less than $65,000 will receive a subsidy covering up to 85 per cent of their costs.

For families earning between $65,000 and $170,000 the rate will gradually taper to 50 per cent of costs.

From $170,000 to below $250,000 the rate of subsidy will be 50 per cent of costs.

From $250,000 to below $340,000 the rate will gradually taper down to 20 per cent.

Families earning more than $340,000 will receive a subsidy covering 20 per cent of costs.

The Government also wants to lift the yearly cap on the amount of Child Care Subsidy that can be paid to families.

The cap will be lifted entirely for families earning up to $185,000. For families earning more, the cap will be lifted from the existing $7,500 a year to $10,000.

What will families have to do to qualify?

The bill includes an activity test that both parents have to meet before they can receive any subsidy from the Government.

Parents will have to be working, studying, training or volunteering for a minimum of eight hours a fortnight. The more parents work, the more subsidy they are eligible to receive.

Is there a safety net?

Yes. Families earning less than $65,000 a year who fail the activity test will still be eligible for 12 hours a week of subsidised child care.

But that is half the hours they are guaranteed under the current system.

What are the sector’s concerns?

The early childhood sector is worried about the impact of the activity test on disadvantaged families.

It wants the minimum guaranteed hours a week increased to 15 hours instead.

Why is child care linked to welfare cuts?

The Government argues that the increased spending on child care must be paid for by cutting some family tax benefit payments.

But critics argue the two are linked purely for political reasons and the package should be paid for by cuts in other areas instead.


Phillip Hortis

Kool Kidz Licensor 


Sources: ABC News, Herald Sun


Kool Kidz Ravenhall Open Day

Kool Kidz Ravenhall Open Day

Don’t miss the Kool Kidz Ravenhall Open Day, Saturday 15th of July from 10-4pm featuring free family activities such as a sausage sizzle, chef-prepared vegetarian dishes, face painting, animal farm, balloon twisting as well as an opportunity to tour the state of the art facility and meet the Kool Kidz educators as well as Abi and Shveta your Kool Kidz Ravenhall Approved Providers. Plus join the Mayor of Ravenhall Sophie Ramsey for an official ribbon cutting ceremony!

Kool Kidz Ravenhall is located at 3 Nexus st, Ravenhall, just off Robinson’s road, with limited spots available, register your interest now by going to

Call us on 1800 Kool Kidz (566 554) for more information

How to Choose the Best Childcare for your Child


The rewarding experience of becoming a parent also comes with an extensive range of questions and decisions that you must carefully negotiate for the well-being of your child. One of the earliest and most challenging decisions that you may face is, which childcare service is best for my child?

Naturally, in their youngest years is when children do all of their fundamental learning, not necessarily learning how to do maths and read novels, rather engaging with other children, forming relationships and absorbing an understanding of the stimuli / reaction nature of the world we live in. It is important that you as the parent(s) make the right choice as to where to send your child and your family, choosing a childcare service that is right for your child will ensure that they learn to treat others with respect and form healthy relationships, they will have a well balanced and accommodating diet, they will be involved in a consistent and age appropriate curriculum, but above all, your child will be safe at all times and the staff will have regular contact with the parents to make decisions that are best for the development of the child. This article is designed to offer you information about choosing a service which is right for your child and your family.

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What is my child drawing?

What is my child drawing?

Many children seem to love drawing, but did you know children generally follow a sequence in their development of drawing skills. Viktor Lowenfeld linked Creative and Mental Growth into 3 main stages in early childhood.

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When to start toilet training?

Children will start to show signs that they are ready generally between 18months – 2 years. Based on the Australian parenting website Raising Children and Better Health Channel Victoria here are some helpful tips to guide you and your child through this exciting new stage of toilet training.

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Licensor Update November 2016

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our Kool Kidz families as we close out the 2016 year.  It really is amazing how quick the year has gone; it’s great to see that all our educators and children have really enjoyed another fun filled year.  Leading up to Christmas I am sure all the children will be looking forward to some very special activities and Christmas magic at their Kool Kidz service.

As part of our group’s commitment to on-going learning and professional development our annual Kool Kidz Conference was held in early October at the Balgownie Estate amongst the picturesque Yarra Valley region.  All our Approved Providers took part in various group learning activities and of course some fun stuff as well.  The overall feedback from our approved providers was that the 2016 conference was a very enjoyable event and a real success with planning already underway for our 2017 conference.

Our central support team has recently gone through a restructure with the main focus aiming to deliver more effective support services to all current locations.  The Central team will be joined by our newest Service Consultant Lucy Holmes in the New Year.  Lucy will complement our existing team with many years of industry experience, training qualifications and lots of hands on operational knowledge.  I am sure Lucy will make a fantastic addition to our Central team; please make her feel welcome!

Also just a friendly reminder that all Kool Kidz services will be closing on all the normal public holidays.  The Kool Kidz Central office will be closing this year from Saturday 24th December and reopening on Monday 9th January 2017.  If you have any urgent enquiries or issues requiring immediate attention we ask that you contact your Kool Kidz service direct during this time.

I wish everybody a safe and enjoyable festive season.

Phillip Hortis

Kool Kidz Licensor

The benefits of Quality Early Childhood Education and Care

Early child care programs and services may seem to be more about family choice and less about our domestic economy, but they do play an important role in our country’s shared prosperity.

Like any investment the greater our outlay now in our children’s healthy development, the greater our shared prosperity in the future—in our communities’ health, productivity, and civic engagement.

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